Nadia Mejia - Miss USA Runner-Up/ Model/ Musician/ Fitness Enthusiast





If Nadia Mejia looks familiar, it is because she gained national recognition as Miss California and a runner-up at the 2016 Miss USA pageant. She has been a full-time model for over 10 years and worked with high powered fashion brands such as Skechers, Too Faced Cosmetics and recently just landed Guess. She also is the Global Brand Ambassador for our parent company @kitchen_crafted.

Being in the public eye and having to always bring her "A" game, she has made it a point to champion our philosophy of Self-AMPowerment. Which is continually striving to maintain strong physical and mental fitness through eating healthy and nourishing the soul with positive thinking. Our AMPower®️ Energy Bars provide the healthy fuel to get her through the day and keep her energized as she shuffles from one photo shoot to another.

Nadia is also heavily involved in yoga, pilates and cross-training/ running. She has stated she loves the energy boost she gets from eating a bar prior to her workout. She is also an aspiring musician, avid foodie, blossoming chef and mental health advocate.

We are honored and privileged to have Nadia on TEAM AMPOWER®️!